You transport things to where they are needed.
If you like traffic jams and breakdowns,
then apply to the ADAC.
If you love solitude,
become a hermit.
If you want to sweat,
you should work out.

Our commitment as an employer.

We are on the road together. We treat our employees with respect and esteem and take their problems and concerns seriously. Because they are all doing an important job. Driving a lorry is a responsible job that is done by responsible people who want to be treated responsibly.

This is what you can expect from W. Wienkämper. We will encourage you and make sure you can do your job with joy and enthusiasm. Because in your job you don’t need headwind, you need tailwind.

Become a lorry driver at one of Germany's friendliest companies for scheduled transport! Apply now and get the job.

What we offer?

You can expect this from us.

We want you to feel comfortable with us. We offer you a professional environment in which you can concentrate optimally on driving:

  • Responsible and diversified activities
  • A strong, family-like team that sticks together
  • Extensive introduction period as well as support by qualified staff
  • Organisation and takeover of the training costs for further training according to the German Professional Driver Qualification Law (BKrFQG), the examinations by the company doctor as well as training regarding the carriage of dangerous goods by road
  • Young vehicle fleet
  • Fleet of vehicles according to the latest safety and environmental aspects (installation of driver assistance systems and comfort extras such as engine-independent air conditioning)
  • Regular training courses
  • Provision of working clothes

How you work at our company?

You drive so others can do their job.

In the scheduled transport service, you usually drive at night and therefore have less stress and less traffic jams. With your responsible work you ensure that others can do their job.
It is crucial for you to get the goods from A to B in time for so many situations. You are a crucial part of society, because without you, economy and life would stand still. You move!

What you get from us?

  • Our lorries and equipment are perfectly maintained. We hardly ever have any breakdowns.
  • Your wages are above average and will always be on your account on time.
  • You have regular working hours so that you can plan your free time better.
  • Work is important, family and friends too.
  • You don't live in Germany? No problem. We will organise flights and accommodation in our own apartments / flats.
  • We will help you with language problems, visits to the doctor or visits to the authorities.
  • We will refresh your driving and shunting skills.


Application form

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Our fleet

Always optimally on the move. A perfectly maintained and well-equipped fleet guarantees our customers smooth transport logistics and makes our drivers' daily work easier. With our own filling station, workshop and car wash, we not only ensure the accurate care of our vehicles but also make sure that you can be on the road again quickly and easily at any time.


Our fleet

Always modernly equipped. In addition to over 150 top modern lorries, our fleet also includes over 900 XL swap bodies (boxes) and 7 shunting vehicles. All our long-distance lorries are equipped with the latest assistance and comfort features, such as electronic brake assistant, distance control and GPS cruise control, lane departure warning system, retarder, comfort bed, engine-independent air conditioning, spacious cab, sound system, refrigerator and a powerful engine (500 hp).


Our in-house workshop

Always in good condition. A continuous exchange of our vehicles under maintenance contract ensures a young and always perfect fleet. The average age of our vehicles is under 2 years.


Our own filling station

Fill it up, please. Our own filling station ensures a permanent and comfortable supply of fuel. Diesel fuel and AdBlue can be filled up here comfortably and safely. An ultra-modern tank facility lays the foundation for efficient use of the fleet and creates transparency in the evaluation of the tank data.


Our own company car wash

We do our own washing. For washing vehicles we have a commercial vehicle gantry car wash of the latest generation at our disposal. This guarantees effective vehicle washing while protecting the environment at the same time. Due to elaborate water reprocessing we almost exclusively use service water.